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  • PBXCall.CallingPartyName


    VBScript   → Lua


    This property takes or returns the name of the current caller.


    PBXCall.CallingPartyName = "Erika Mustermann"



    This property takes or returns a string value.


    This property can be used to modify the name being displayed on a client (SwyxIt!, SwyxPhone). It does not modify the caller list entry. This can be achieved using the PBXCall.PhoneCallListEntry object.


    Additionally you can also modify the number being displayed using the PBXCall.CallingPartyNumber property.


    Please note that you have to modify this value before actually connecting the call to a user using the Connect To block.


    This forum topic explains how to modify the displayed name and number using GSE build-in function IpPbx.CallingName.



    Tom Wellige


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