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  • PBXScript.Sleep


    VBScript   → Lua


    This function stops the execution of the current script for the given number of milliseconds.


    PBXScript.Sleep 1000



    This function returns an integer value of  PBXSuccess (0) on success. See list of defined return values.


    The numeric parameter gives the number of milliseconds to "sleep".


    This function is used to wait a certain amount of time without consuming CPU load. A common usage is e.g. in a call queue to check every second for the availability of a free agent. While "sleeping" one second no cpu load is used.


    When ever you need to loop within your script make sure to use this function to slow the execution of the loop down and save cpu load.


    An endless loop, like


    While True
      i = i + 1


    will drive the CPU load of the server machine to 100% and therefore interfere negatively with all calls on and other activities of the SwyxServer.


    Tom Wellige


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