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  • PBXCall.CallingDeviceType


    VBScript   → Lua


    This function returns the name of the calling device type.





    This function returns a string value.


    This is a list of possible return strings:


    String      Type
    ----------  ----------------------------------------
    COMClient   SwyxIt! (<v6.1x)
    SIP Client  SwyxIt! (>= v6.1x) and other SIP devices
    H323Client  H.323 device
    Gateway     SwyxGate or third party gateway
    Phone       SwyxPhone (Lxxx)
    Link        SwyxLink
    unkonwn     something else


    If you need to know the name of the calling device, i.g. the name of the trunk as shown in SwyxWare Administration, you can use the PBXCall.CallingDeviceName property.

    So with the combination of PBXCall.CallingDeviceType and PBXCall.CallingDeviceName you can easily identify a specifc trunk a call came into your SwyxWare, be it an external trunk or a trunk to another linked SwyxWare.



    Tom Wellige


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