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  • PBXUser.UserID


    VBScript   → Lua


    This property returns the current script user's user id. The user id is a SwyxWare internal representation of a user.




    This property returns an integer value.


    This property allows read access only.


    Every SwyxWare user has his own unique user id on a SwyxServer. SwyxWare internally uses the user id to identify a user.

    The user id is also used in the PBXScript.PreviousScripts collection to identify a user's script.


    Beside this property there is the PBXUser.Name property which returns the name of the current script user.


    If you need to resolve the name or the user id of any SwyxWare user (not only the current script user) you can use the PBXConfig.GetUserByAddress function.

    If you need to differer SwyxWare user in your own application/script you might consider using the user id instead of the PBXUser.Name. The ids are unique and will not change over the time. 


    An example for keeping track of different SwyxWare users is the Persistent Variables project here on Swyx Forum. It uses the user ids to store variables in a database related to a certain user.


    Tom Wellige


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