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    Lua   → VBScript


    This is a collection of usefull Lua functions that can be used with GSE call routing rules. 


    Most functions are wrappers around Server Script API functions of GSE build-in functions to make their usage more easy or provide some additional functionality.


    The functions are taken from the forum section of Swyx Forum, where they had been provided by users over the years. As they were posted in VBScript they have been converted into Lua for this function collection.





    To use any of these functions just follow these steps:


    1. Copy the function code into the Windows clipboard (select the code and press Ctrl-C)
    2. Open you GSE call routing rule.
    3. Double click the Start block
    4. Switch to the Parameters page
    5. Click into the huge text field and paste the function code by pressing Ctrl-V.

    6. Click OK.


    The function is now available within you call routing rule and can now be used directly within GSE blocks.



    Handle boolean return values


    The above example function IsUserFree() returns a booelan value. It can most conveniently be called with the Evaluate block:







    Handle numeric return values (up to 10 different ones)


    If your function returns more than 2 different values you can use an Insert Script Code block to evaluate up to 10 different values graphically. This is an example of how to use the GetUserStatus() function:











    Handle any return values


    You can call your own functions nearly everywhere within your GSE script. Where ever you find a


    • image.png


    button behind a parameter text field, you can call your function if it returns a needed value. For example a function GetDestination() returns the extension a call should be connected to with a Connect To block:







    Tom Wellige


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