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  • PBXScript.IsUserOrGroupBusyEx


    VBScript Is obsolete since SwyxWare 2011


    This function queries/returns the busy status for a single user or a group.


    If PBXScript.IsUserOrGroupBusyEx ("100") Then
    	' do something
    End If



    This function returns a boolean value.


    With SwyxWare 20211 the Presence Manager within the server service was introduced, which hat all times has a full and correctl view of all states of all users.


    Before that, the server didn't knew about users who locked their line keys in the client (e.g. via a configured wrap-up time) but always considered those users as available/free.


    The PBXScript.IsUserOrGroupBusyEx function simulated a call to the user/group to see how the client/clients would respond to it.


    Since SwyxWare 2011 one should use the PBXConfig.GetUserByAddress function to query the status of a user. The given link exlpains in detail how to do that.







    The name or the number (as string) of a user or a user group.



    Tom Wellige


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