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  • PBXCall.SendEMail


    VBScript   → Lua


    This function sends an email via the globally configured email address.


    PBXCall.SendEMail bstrAddress, bstrSubject, bstrBody, bAttachRecording



    This function returns an integer value of  PBXSuccess (0) on success. See list of defined return values.


    The "from" field of the email with be populated with the globally configured email address. The globally configured mail server will be used to sent this email via SMTP.








    EMail address. Must be a valid SMTP mail address, e.g. smith@example.com





    EMail Subject.





    EMail Body.





    If True the last recorded message will be attached, i.e. the .wav file which was created by last PBXCall.RecordMessage call or by the lat Record Message block before this PBXCall.SendEMail.


    Please note: Even if unicode characters are possible within VBScript strings, use only SMTP compatible characters.


    Tom Wellige


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