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Archive: How to manipulate the displayed name and number in SwyxIt!/SwyxPhone

Tom Wellige

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The following forum topic is restored from the Swyx Forum Archive (2007-2014)



2007-05-26 22:36:58, Tom Wellige


There might me circumstances where you need to manipulate the name and / or the number that is displayed on a SwyxIt! / SwyxPhone when connecting a call.
For example you identified a caller as vip caller and want to write a VIP string into the displayed. Or you have recorded a customer or ticket id (or something like this) via dtmf. 


You can paste this information into the display and take it from there using the Client SDK to paste it into client sided applications.


There are two GSE build in properties available:


The first one sets or returns the displayed name/string, the second one the displayed number.


So, let's say you simply want to add a VIP to the displayed name (in front of it), the code would look like this:

IpPbx.CallerName = "VIP - " & IpPbx.CallerName


Alternatively you can also use the following two properties available on the Server Script API:


Note: you need to call any of these before you connect the call using any of the Connect To blocks.


Regards, Tom.


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