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  1. Open CDR

    Please refer for all discussions (forum) for this project to the forum.
    Please refer for documentation (setup, usage, etc.) for this project to the SwyxPEDIA.
    Find the license information here!
    If you want to get involved into this project please refer to this topic.


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    • Hahah Thats Great Mate  
    • Hey Mathew is it possible to add the "umlaufend" and "sequientell" groups as well?  We´ve got the need for it. Thank you in advance!
    • Hallo Patrick,   das Swyx Powershell Modul beinhaltet bereits eine umfangreiche Import/Export Funktionalität. Schau dir mal die folgenden zwei Commandlets (inkl. Parametern) an:   Export-IpPbxData Import-IpPbxData   Vielleicht kannst du auf diese Commandlets in deinen Wizards zurückgreifen und damit mehr Funktionalität abdecken. Sollte dir dabei irgendeine Funktion fehlen oder solltest du auf Fehler stoßen, so melde dich einfach bei mir.   Mit freun
    • if multiple IpPbx-users have the logged in Windows-account added to their authentication, the script always ends up with an error. During Connection, the module Returns a Warning, which makes the script believe there's an error (but it's not a real error).   To get the script running, add this # Fehlerbehandlung Multiple Users if ($x -like '*Multiple Matching IpPbx User Accounts*') {$x = ""} between  # Verbindung zur Datenbank herstellen and # Warnungen abfangen
    • Yes. Just do the following: open the SwyxIt! File menu open Skin menu select Edit left click the blank area switch to SwyxIt! Web Extrension tab select any of the events and configure an URL within the URL you can use variables for current values
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