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  • PBXCall.CLIMode




    Returns or sets the mode to handle calling party number and redirecting number on outgoing calls from a script, i.e. the script connects the call to an external destination.


    PBXCall.CLIMode = 0



    The property takes or returns an integer value.


    The most common usage of this property is to set it within the PreProcessing rule which will be called for every incoming call to make sure to display the correct number. 


    The SwyxECR manual (chapter, Preprocessing and Postprocessing) explains the functionality of the pre- and post- processing system within the call routing.


    Within the Enreach Partner Net there is a webinar available (English and German) which also describes functionality and usage of the PreProcessing in detail:


    • Global Rules via PreProcessing (EN/DE)



    The following is a list of all possible values for the CLI mode:

    Name	                            Value
    PBXCLIModePreferOriginatingNumer	0
    PBXCLIModePreferRedirectingNumber 	1
    PBXCLIModeUseOriginatingNumerOnly	2
    PBXCLIModeUseRedirectingNumberOnly	3



    Tom Wellige


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