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  • Server Script API Return Values

    Server Script API Return Values

    VBScript   → Lua


    The following names or values can be used directly within the call routing script, e.g.


    Dim nRetVal
    nRetVal = PBXCall.Hold ("*hold*")
    If (nRetVal = PBXSuccess) Then
    End If


    Additionally it is possible to receive the return value / cause from the latest connect to attempt by using the GSE build in function LastCause().


    Result Name                            Value    Remark
    PBXSuccess                             0
    PBXFailure                             1
    PBXTimeout                             2       
    PBXCallTermNormalCallClearing          3
    PBXCallTermDestinationBusy             4
    PBXCallTermReject                      5
    PBXCallTermCancelled                   6
    PBXCallTermTransferred                 7
    PBXCallTermJoinedConference            8
    PBXCallTermNoAnswer                    9      
    PBXCallTermToLate                      10
    PBXCallTermDirectCallImpossible        11
    PBXCallTermWrongNumber                 12
    PBXCallTermConnectToCallerImpossible   13
    PBXCallTermDestinationUnreachable      14      
    PBXInvalidDTMFDigitReceived            15
    PBXCallTermRedirectionNotPossible      16
    PBXCallTermIgnoreCall                  17
    PBXCallTermNoChannelAvailable          18
    PBXCallTermNetworkCongestion           19
    PBXCallTermIncompatibleDestination     20
    PBXCallTermNumberChanged               21
    PBXCallTermOriginatorDisconnected      22
    PBXDestinationScriptStarted            23      
    PBXCallTermDeflected                   24       
    PBXCallTermPermissionDenied            25       from SwyxWare 6 on
    PBXCallTermSubstituteNumberDenied      26       from SwyxWare 2011 on
    PBXCallTermSecurityNegotiationFailed   27       from SwyxWare 2011 on



    Tom Wellige


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