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  • PBXScript.GetAudioFileLength


    VBScript   → Lua


    This function returns the length of a given .wav file in seconds.




    This function returns a long value.


    If 0 is returned, the file length is 0 or length could not be determined, e.g. because of an unsupported file format. SwyxWare requires .wav files in 16kHz, 16bit, mono format.


    If no explicit path is given in the filename, SwyxServer searches this file in the database, in the following scopes in that order:


    1. User
    2. User Default
    3. Global
    4. System Default


    It is also possible to use a local file from the SwyxServer machine. In this case it is necessary, that the Windows user account the SwyxServer service is running under (usually the SwyxServiceAccount), has read privileges on that file.



    Tom Wellige


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