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Tom Wellige

ECR Useful Link Collection

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This topic is taken from the Swyx Forum Archive (2007-2014) and was originally started on 15.12.2009 by me. Since then it got constantly updated.


This topic provides a list of all online available resources regarding Extended Call Routing (ECR).


"Must have" Links


Useful VBScript Functions for ECR Scripts


ECR scripts in the Swyx Knowledgebase


ECR scripts on Swyx Forum (forum, blogs and downloads)


ECR scripts (advanced) here on Swyx Forum


ECR webinar series in Swyx Partner Net (for Swyx Partners only)

  • #1: Deployment of GSE Call Routing Rules (EN/DE)
  • #2: How to use GSE Rule Parameters (EN/DE)
  • #3: Verwendung von GSE Aktionen (--/DE)
  • #4: Global Rules via PreProcessing (EN/DE)
  • #5: Multilingual call routing scripts (--/--)
  • #6: Usage of own VBScript code in call routing (GSE) scripts (EN/DE)
  • #7: How to access text files from within the call routing (EN/DE)
  • #8: How to access databases from within the call routing (EN/DE)
  • #9: Analyse fehlerhaft laufender Call Routing Skripte (--/DE)
  • #10: SwyxWare Call Queues (EN/--)
  • #11: System Variables (EN/--)
  • #12: Usage of Persistent Variables (--/--)



And finally, my blog...



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