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#4: Take me to your leader!

Tom Wellige



VBScript Lua


How to bring call routing functionality from user A to user B? 


Two things upfront:


  1. a single rule of a user being made with the "GSE" can be transferred
  2. all rules of a user, regardless if being made with the "rule wizard" or the "GSE" can be transferred


Nothing else is possible!


Lets start with item 2 of this list...


Transfer all rules of a user

The most comfortable way to do this is to use the SwyxWare Administration "Clone Properties..." feature:






With this all call routing rules along with the used announcements (.wav files) will be copied to all users to the selected group. Afterwards all users of this group have an identical call routing (a copy of the original user's one). Any previous call routing of the users of the group is overwritten/gone.



Another possibility is to download all files from the user's "USER SCOPE" and upload them into the "USER SCOPE" of the destination user. This can be done with the SwyxWare Administration:




Select the original user:




Select all displayed files and save them to your local drive:





Afterwards select the destination user and press "Add..." to upload all previously downloaded files into his "USER SCOPE".





Transfer a single rule being made with the GSE

To transfer a GSE rule you need the so called .RSE file belonging to this rule. There are two ways to get this file:


1. via the GSE


Open the rule with the GSE, then open the "File | Export..." menu item. 




You are now able to define the name and location to where the .RSE file should be stored on your local machine.



2. via the SwyxWare Administration


Just like above when downloading all files of a given user open his "Files" list in the properties of the server:




Select the .RSE file belonging to your GSE rule. The filename here always starts with "rule" and being followed by the name you have stored your rule under. Press "Save As..." to store is on your local machine.





With having the .RSE file in your hand you open the Call Routing Manager of the user you want to give this rule to and create a new rule with the GSE:







Within the GSE open the "File | Import..." menu item and select the .RSE file from your disk.


Save the rule, exit the GSE and Call Routing Manager and you are done.



As already written above, these two described ways are the only possible ways to transfer call routing functionality from A to B. 



I don't want to miss to mention the "GSE Actions". These are sort of subroutines which are created with the GSE and can be called any number of times. They are in fact the only thing within the call routing which can be provided globally to all users. So one single "GSE Action" can be used by all users on a system. This is how to provide call routing functionality globally and I will discuss it in detail some time later.




PS: don't miss to take a look into the ECR Useful Link Collection





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