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#5: Let me in!

Tom Wellige



VBScript Lua


The SwyxWare comes with build-in conference rooms. In order to use them you just have to assign the wanted number (or numbers) to the "Conference" user via the SwyxWare Administration within the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or Swyx Control Center (SCC). 


When using the SCC you can assign a PIN for each configured conference room (from SwyxWare 11.50 or SwyxON 1.50 on). When using the MMC you just get the conference rooms without any PIN. But it is actually quite easy to setup a call routing for the PIN validation in front of such a conference room. This article will show how to do that, also for several different rooms, each with its own PIN.





With a Get DTMF String block we ask the caller for a 5 digit pin and store it into a variable sPIN.

Hint: please never ever use a name PIN as variable name. Why is explained here: GSE build-in function PIN.





Afterwards we use the Evaluate block to check if the entered pin equals 12345.




The SwyxWare handles numbers and DTMF digits internally as strings. So within the variable sPIN is a string and not a number. Therefore we have to compare it with a string "12345" and not a number 12345. In the latter case we would compare apples with oranges.


If the entered pin equals 12345 the call will be connected into the conference room. This is done by using the Connect To block and use the "original destination" as target:





From here you can download the call routing script. Please refer to the "Take me to your leader!" blog article to learn how to import this file.


For VBScript based Call Routing:



For Lua based Call Routing:




With the above script it is possible to have a pin check in front of one room or the same pin check in front of every room. If you have several rooms and want to have each room with its own pin the script needs to get modified a little bit.


Lets assume the rooms 300, 301 and 302 should get their own pin as also their own announcement asking for the pin. To do so Call blocks are used to evaluate which rooms has been called.




As you can see, every conference room has now its own Get DTMF String and Evaluate block. This gives us the chance to configure different announcements per conference room as also different pins.


Within the Call block at the beginning of each line we check, if a certain conference room (i.e. internal extension of the Conference user) has been called:





From here you can download the call routing script:


For VBScript based Call Routing:



For Lua based Call Routing:




The latest version of the script is already functional but not yet very user friendly. Imagine you have to change the pin for one of the rooms. You have to get into the GSE, open the "Properties" of the correct "Evaluate" block, change to the "Parameters" page and enter the new PIN between the quotation marks. If you are not used to handle the GSE there is a certain chance that you damage something. Fortunately there is a really nice and easy solution to get the script more easy maintainable. That will be the topic of next weeks blog article.





PS: don't miss to take a look into the ECR Useful Link Collection




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