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Archive: How to configure call routing for a group

Tom Wellige

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25.03.2011 11:12:23, joekske


Hi all,

I have created a group and added some users. When all the users of the group aren't loged in I want to set a forwarding. When I look at the properties of the group I don't see a call routing possibility. Is this somthing that can be done in swyx?

thanks for the help.




25.03.2011 13:59:26, Tom Wellige


SwyxWare user groups do not have an own call routing, which would be needed right now.

But fortunately that's not much of a problem:

  • create a new (dummy) user (as no one logs in on this user no additional user licenses is needed!)
  • configure the number you wanted to use for the group to this user
  • create the needed call routing on this user which finally connects the call to the group


In your case the call routing would be rather simple:

  • use a Connect To block within the GSE to connect the call to the group
  • the exit Connected will be reached if the call was connected (you can use PBXCall.ConnectedName and/or PBXCall.ConnectedNumber to check which group member took the call)
  • the exit Busy will be reached if all logged in users in the group are busy (or have their lines disabled)
  • the exit Timeout will be reached if after the configured time the call wasn't taken by anyone in the group
  • the exit Not delivered will be reached if no one in the group is logged in


What ever you need to do in each of these case, just build it right behind that initial Connect To block.
You couldn't have more flexibility 🙂


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  • 2 years later...

Hello Tom,


that´s nearly exactly what I was looking for! 

I just have one question:
Can I make so that one group member can deactivate the forwarding for the group call?
Meaning: If one user decides that no more calls shall be forwarded to the group and an announcement shall be played instead, how does he do that?


If all the group members are set on dnd it doesn´t work, neither is it possible to log off the members.


What criteria else could I use to automatically deactivate the forwarding, triggered by one group member?

Thanks severely in advance,

Damian Pietsch

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