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Archive: How to configure a repeated announcement within a call queue without position or waiting time announcement

Tom Wellige

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The following forum topic is restored from the Swyx Forum Archive (2007-2014)


The original version of this topic which was started at 2010-10-19 15:47:16 by Liebing was in German language. 

So instead of restoring the entire German topic I will simply provide the conclusion of the topic in English language.


The question is, if it is possible to play a regularly repeated announcement while callers are waiting in the SwyxWare call queue? 


The queue doesn't have a configuration for an announcement that is repeated regularly while the caller is listening to music.


But the queue is able to announce the current position in the queue and the time the caller most likely still has to wait. For these two features two announcements can be configured (a pre and a post announcement) which will be play before and after the system announcement of the position or waiting time.


The problem with using one of these announcements is, that the system announcement of the position or waiting time will also be played. This can't be prevented, but there simple trick to make these system announcements not heard by anyone, so the caller will only hear the wanted and configured announcement.


Follow these steps:

  1. create ten wave files with 500ms to 1s silence in then, and name them zero.wav, one.wav, two.wav, three.wav, ... and so on
  2. open the SwyxWare Administration
  3. open the Properties of the Server
  4. switch to the "Files" page
  5. press the "Edit" button
  6. press the "Add..." button
  7. press the "..." button and select all ten wav files
  8. select the User scope
  9. select the Announcements category
  10. select the User who will have the call queue call routing script
  11. press "OK"
  12. press "Close"
  13. press "OK"


The moment the call routing wants to play one of the system announcements one to zero it loads the corresponding wave file from the SwyxWare database. The server always loads files in a specific order


  1. It searches the USER scope of the current user for the file. If the file is found in there it will be used. If not...
  2. It searches the USER DEFAULT scope. This is only relevant for 2-3 system users, so it continues...
  3. It searches the GLOBAL scope. If the file is found in there it will be used. If not...
  4. It searches the SYSTEM DEFAULT scope. This scope holds all files the SwyxWare comes with.


So, as the call queue script user now have his own copies of the ten wave files, they will be used/played and the caller will hear silence. All other users will use the wave files from the SYSTEM DEFAULT scope.


There is one draw back of this workaround: the "Say Number" block can't be used by the call queue script user anymore, as it would also play the "silence" wave files.



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