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#13: Lua is coming

Tom Wellige





No, winter is not coming, but Lua is.


The current SwyxWare 13.10 includes a beta version of a new Lua Call Routing engine which adds to the existing VBSript engine. It will not replace VBScript, but will be just another language that can be used for the SwyxWare Call Routing. The Call Routing of a user will be either VBScript or LUA, it can't be a mix of both. Existing users with VBScript Call Routing will simply continue to use the VBScript call routing. New users will from some point on (not yet!) be based on LUA. It will always be possible to switch a user from VBScript to LUA and vice versa.


If you want to take a look on the beta version of the Lua Call Routing within SwyxWare 13.10 you need to have a login into the Enreach Help Center and follow this link:



Over the next weeks and months I want to use this new blog article series to showcase the LUA language as also its usage within the SwyxWare Call Routing.


So, stay tuned!




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