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#11: What time is it?

Tom Wellige



VBScript Lua


If you have ever wondered if it is possible to use the SwyxWare call routing to build your own speaking clock, the answer is yes. Of course, otherwise I wouldn't blog about it here ;) 


As a matter of fact this was the very first call routing example in the Swyx Knowledgebase (kb2249) many moons ago (October 2002). As Swyx is taking the Knowledgbase out of service (and replaces it by articles in the Swyx Help Center) I have spent some time to scan through old articles and found this 17 years old example of a speaking clock (written by my former colleague Uwe). 


I took the liberty and updated it a little bit (replaced some old techniques by Server Script API functionality which wasn't available back then) and provide it here again. 


For VBScript based Call Routing:



For Lua based Call Routing:



How to use it?

Take the .rse file from the above download and import it into the call routing of your desired user. If you need some help on this please refer to my previous blog post #4: Take me to your leader! You will also find a couple of .wav files in the above download. You need to upload them for the desired user as well. You can do this from within the GSE Play Announcement block





or via the file properties of the server within the SwyxWare Administration (see above linked blog post for details).


How does it work?




  1. The script welcomes the caller by saying "Good morning", "Good day" or "Good Evening" (depending of the time of the day) and the announces the current date.
  2. Afterwards it announces "At the next beep it is ..." followed by the time until the next full 10 seconds. It then waits until the next full 10 seconds are reached and play a beep. 
  3. From here on it repeats from step 2 until the caller disconnects the call



Hope you will find it useful. We have it running here in our SwyxWare now for 17 years.  I just figured that next year it will get of age ;) 





PS: don't miss to take a look into the ECR Useful Link Collection




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