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Tom Wellige

Archive: Blocking Numbers from calling into the Swyx

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The following forum topic is restored from the Swyx Forum Archive (2007-2014)



2007-08-08 14:12:54, Beni



I'm just wondering. A customer asked the simple question how to stop some number from calling into the Swyx. I just can't find an easy way to configure something like this, my best guess would be to manipulate the preprocessing. Any one of you knows the appropriate way to do this?



2007-08-08 15:14:20, Tom Wellige


Hi Beni.

I would also choose the PreProcessing way.


  • To alter SwyxWare's PreProcessing (which is called for EVERY call for ANY user) simply create a GSE Rule "PreProcessing" including the stuff you want to get done and copy afterwards the resulting rulePrePocessing.vbs and rulePreProcessing.rse file into the global scope.

  • I would use a black list of phone numbers managed in a database (e.g. the MSDE which is already installed). Take the following Swyx KB Articel to figure how to check caller numbers against a database:
    Custom VBScript Code - Caller verification in database (kb2219)

  • To manage the blacklist a tiny web application could be used. If you like, take a look at my
    Universal Table Editor (UTE)

  • Once you have identified a caller to be on the black list simply play a certain message or disconnect the call and signal either Destination Busy or Call Rejected.


Hope this helps,




2007-08-08 15:36:24, Beni


Hi Tom

This helps a lot. The small How To is great. I didn't know that I can create a preprocessing rule with the GSE and was already looking for good books on the VBS topic :)

Thank you



2007-08-16 17:19:41, Tom Wellige


Beni was so kind to create a small screencast from this and posted it. Please note, that it is in German language available only.

You'll find it here.


Thanks Beni !



2007-08-29 15:09:45, Beni


You'r welcome. Sorry to bring this old post up. Just wanted to ask if anybody has an Idea on what would be useful to have on video. Most of the issues I get in the distribution support is too unique to make a video about that topic.



2007-08-29 15:44:56, morten.rokosz



Just wanted to ask if anybody has an Idea on what would be useful to have on video.


I am not sure if you mean generally or on the Blocking number video. I would like to see a video showing how to install and use ambiLog.



2009-07-17 09:47:11, Tom Wellige


Since SwyxWare v6.10 all related files are no longer kept in the above mentioned share folder but instead in the SwyxWare database.


The files can be accessed via

  • SwyxWare Administration - Server properties - Files tab


When uploading the above mentioned PreProcessing files make sure to upload them into the Global scope, available for all users.


Regards, Tom.



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