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Tom Wellige



VBScript Lua


Imagine you are on the road, somewhere on a business trip and you have just learned that you will be one more day out of office. So you will not be back tomorrow but only the day after.

Problem is, that the announcement you left in your "I am out of office" call routing rule tells all callers that you will be back tomorrow.


How can you prevent callers getting wrong information? Do you have a chance to change you announcement from on the road?


Yes, you can! All you need to do is to get into your remote inquiry. From there you are able to change the announcement of your standard voicemail or the unconditional redirection (enable/disable as also the destination).

But you don't want to enable it in your standard voicemail, so that every caller could press the # key to end up in your remote inquiry PIN prompt. 


The solution is a simple script on top of the rules list in your call routing manager, checking if you are calling, and if so getting you straight into your remote inquiry. All others should get into your default call routing.




The following call routing script simply checks if it is you. If so the remote inquiry will be started. If not, the rule will be skipped, meaning that all following call routing rules in the list will be started.




Place your mobile number into the "Call" block, so that the script will identify you from your mobile number.





Within you remote inquiry it is up to you if you want to enter your PIN or not.




One could argue, that you identified yourself already by your caller id, so the script already knows that it is you and the PIN prompt could be skipped. On the other hand with features like "CLIP, no screening" caller ids can be faked, you so might better not want to omit the PIN prompt. It's up to you.


You can download this simple call routing script from here (of course you need to modify the currently configured mobile number).


For VBScript based Call Routing:



For Lua based Call Routing:






PS: don't miss to take a look into the ECR Useful Link Collection





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