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Archive: How to allow calls from certain users / extensions only

Tom Wellige

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2011-03-02 11:35:35, sceb


we have a phone in our production area that only certain users / extensions should be allowed to call.
The number is widely known, a new extension is not an option. I already have something like that in place, I just connected a few Connect Blocks and checked variables. That is fine for 5 to 10 users, but in this case we talk about more than 30 users.
Can anybody think of a more elegant solution? 





2011-03-02 13:18:53, rolf.hebgen


Hi Stephan,

whats about a new call permissions profile for the calling users?  I have not tested yet if you can deny calling internal extensions in a call permissions profile...
// Rolf



2011-03-02 13:22:58, Tom Wellige


Hi Stephan,

what do you think of using a VBScript Array to keep all the numbers, having a simple function to check if the current caller is listed in this array and call this function in an Evaluate block?


Something like this:

Const AllowedCallersCount = 3
Dim AllowedCallers()
Redim AllowedCallers(AllowedCallersCount-1)
AllowedCallers(0) = "123"
AllowedCallers(1) = "234"
AllowedCallers(2) = "345"
' ...

Function IsAllowedToCall ( sNumber )
	PBXScript.OutputTrace "-------> IsAllowedToCall( " & sNumber & " )"

	Dim bReturn
	bReturn = False

	Dim i
	For i = LBound(AllowedCallers) To UBound(AllowedCallers)
		If AllowedCallers(i) = sNumber Then
			PBXScript.OutputTrace "Number found in list of allowed numbers"
			bReturn = True
		End If

	IsAllowedToCall = bReturn
	PBXScript.OutputTrace "bReturn = " & bReturn
	PBXScript.OutputTrace "<------- IsAllowedToCall"
End Function


Within the properties of the Evaluate block to just enter

IsAllowedToCall( IpPbx.CallingNumber )

If you end up in the True exit you deliver the call using a Connect To block, if you end up in the False exit you just disconnect (for example).





2011-03-02 17:10:03, sceb


In my understanding you could allow / deny outgoing calls with a permissions profile. I guess it may be possible with a separate profile denying this extension and adding all the users... but I'd prefer to keep the profiles as few as possible, this way I would probably have to create 3 or 4 new profiles.


So I prefer  Tom's solution... great answer - I was gonna write about evaluating an array (that's what I would do in PHP) but since I don't know VBScript well enough... 😉


However, thanks for the script. I will try it out!


Edit: Works great in a first test. I will come back here if I run into any problems 😉


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