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  • 2.2 - Setup Zendesk SwyxIt! button

    2.2 - Setup Zendesk SwyxIt! button

    VBScript   Lua


    Setting up the Zendesk SwyxIt! button needs to be done in two steps:


    Step 1

    Copy the file

    \Skin Integration\OpenZendesk.wsf

    into the SwyxIt! program folder, e.g.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SwyxIt!\


    Open this file in a standard text editor (e.g. notepad.exe) and modify the following line:

    ' You need to modify this!
    Const ZENDESK_DOMAIN = "dummy.zendesk.com"

    This should point to your Zendesk domain URL. This is something like "yourcompanyname.zendesk.com". 



    Step 2

    Install the SwyxIt! skin containing the Zendesk button. To do so

    1. Open SwyxIt!
    2. Navigate to the File | Skin | Load... menu item
    3. Press the "..." button next to the Skin select box and select the following file from the download package
      \Skin Integration\ZendeskButton.cab


    4. Press Ok

    5. Right click the Zendesk button right next to the Swyx logo above the line keys.

    6. Enter the complete name and path of the file you have copied in step 1 into the Command field:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\SwyxIt!\OpenZendesk.wsf


    7. Press Ok.



    This concludes the installation of the Zendesk SwyxIt! button.


    The usage is explained in chapter 3.5 - Zendesk SwyxIt! button.


    A complete example making use of this button is shown in chapter A.2 - Example: Check Status and Update Ticket.



    Tom Wellige


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