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  • PBXConfigUser


    Lua   SwxWare v13.10


    PBXConfigUser is a class returned by PBXScript.GetUserByAddress().


    The member functions are always called in combination with a variable (be aware of the colon ':').




    aUsers = PBXScript.GetUserByAddress(UserAddr)
    for _, oUser in ipairs(aUsers) do
        PBXScript.OutputTrace("User        : " .. oUser:UserID())
        PBXScript.OutputTrace("Name        : " .. oUser:Name())
        PBXScript.OutputTrace("EMailAddress: " .. oUser:EMailAddress())
        PBXScript.OutputTrace("Folder      : " .. oUser:DataFolder())
        PBXScript.OutputTrace("State       : " .. oUser:State())






    local sFolder = PBXConfigUser:DataFolder()


    This function returns the user's data folder as string value. It is obsolete.




    local sEMail = PBXConfigUser:EMailAddress()


    This function returns the user's email address as string value.




    -- get the frew status text
    local sText = PBXConfigUser:FreeStatusText()
    -- set a new free status text
    PBXConfigUser:FreeStatusText("I am out for lunch")


    This function sets or returns the user's free status text as string value.




    local sName = PBXConfigUser:Name()


    This function returns the user's name as string value.




    -- get the number of new voicemails
    local nNumber = PBXConfigUser:NumberOfNewVoicemails()
    -- set a new number of new voicemails
    local nNewNumber = 5


    This function sets or returns the user's numer of new voicemail counter as number value.




    local tNumbers = PBXConfigUser:Numbers()


    This function returns all internal numbers of the user as table of string values.




    local nState = PBXConfigUser:State()


    This function returns the current state of the user as PBXUserStateValue value.


    This can be any of the following predefined constants:


    -- User object states
    PBXUserStateUnavailable      = 0   -- no mutual status signalling configured
    PBXUserStateLoggedOff        = 1   -- logged off
    PBXUserStateLoggedOn         = 2   -- logged on and free
    PBXUserStateSpeakingExternal = 3   -- busy externally 
    PBXUserStateAlerting         = 4   -- currently altering/rinbing
    PBXUserStateSpeakingInternal = 5   -- busy internally
    PBXUserStateAway             = 6   -- away status active
    PBXUserStateDoNotDisturb     = 7   -- do not disturb (DND) status active
    PBXUserStateActive3rdParty   = 8   -- busy indication from external presence source (e.g. MS Teams)




    local nID = PBXConfigUser:UserID()


    This function returns the SwyxWare internal id of the user as a number value.



    Tom Wellige


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