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    1. PBXWebRequest

      Lua   → VBScript   SwxWare v13.10   In order to communicate from ECR scripts with web services of all kinds, the Lua integration offers a dynamically embeddable module based on the proven curl library. This module is not loaded by default because this does not unnecessarily increase the resource requirements of the Lua runtime environment.   Functions offered by this module   Execute all well-known request types: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE und HEAD
    2. PBXConfigUser

      Lua   SwxWare v13.10   PBXConfigUser is a class returned by PBXScript.GetUserByAddress().   The member functions are always called in combination with a variable (be aware of the colon ':').   Example:   aUsers = PBXScript.GetUserByAddress(UserAddr) for _, oUser in ipairs(aUsers) do PBXScript.OutputTrace("User : " .. oUser:UserID()) PBXScript.OutputTrace("Name : " .. oUser:Name()) PBXScript.OutputTrace("EMailAddress: " .. oUser:
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