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  • PBXScript.SystemLanguageId()


    Lua   → VBScript   SwxWare v13.10


    Returns the Locale ID (LCID) of the language the current Windows OS is installed in, meaning it tells you the language of the installed Windows.


    -- is this a french Windows ?
    if (PBXScript.SystemLanguageID() == 1036) then
      -- do something



    This property returns a number value.


    The following is a list of all LCIDs of the current/former language versions of the SwyxWare:


    Language    hex value  decimal value  short string
    ----------  ---------  -------------  ------------
    Danish      0x0406     1030           dk
    Dutch       0x0813     1043           nl
    English UK  0x0809     2057           en-GB
    French      0x040C     1036           fr
    German      0x0407     1031           de
    Italian     0x0410     1040           it
    Norwegian   0x0414     1044           no
    Spanish     0x0C0A     3082           es


    Using the PBXScript.InstallLanguageId() function you can additionally request the LCID of the installed Windows OS.


    A complete list of all existing LCIDs can be found within the MSDN.


    Tom Wellige


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