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    1. Introduction

      Lua   → VBScript   SwxWare v13.10   The following interfaces are available:   PBXCall This interface covers properties and methods being related to the current call.   PBXUser This interface covers properties and methods being related to the user the current script is running for. If the current script runs in a group context (i.e. this is a call routing for a group) this interface does not exist! (from SwyxWare 13.27) Please read here to figure
    2. Predefined Constants

      Lua   → VBScript   SwxWare v13.10   Many of the Server Script API functions make use of predefined constants for parameters and/or return values.     PBXResult   -- Script result values PBXSuccess = 0 PBXFailure = 1 PBXTimeout = 2 PBXCallTermNormalCallClearing = 3 PBXCallTermDestinationBusy = 4 PBXCallTermReject = 5 PBXCallTermCancelled
    3. User or Group context

      Lua   → VBScript   SwxWare v13.27   A call routing script can run on a user or a group context.     Differ context   If the script is running in a user context the PBXUser interface is available while the PBXGroup interface is not. If it is running on a group context the PBXGroup interface is available while the PBXUser interface is not.    If your script is used in both contexts (user and group) and needs to make use of PBXUser/PBXGroup functio
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