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Tom Wellige

2.3 - Setup Persistent Variable GSE Action

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The Persistent Variables extension is designed as GSE action. To install this GSE action you need to use the IpPbx File Explorer from the SwyxWare CD/DVD.


Step 1

If you haven't installed that tool already you need to do it now. You will find the installer on the SwyxWare

  • CD (v6.1x, v6.2x) \\Tools\SwyxWare File Explorer
  • DVD (v7.0x and newer) \\Swyx\Tools\SwyxWare File Explorer


Double click the file IpPbxFileExplorer.msi to start the installation.


Step 2

Start the IpPbx File Explorer and connect to the local database.


Step 3

Click on Upload from the program toolbar.


Step 4

Select the both files actionPersistentVariable.ase and actionPersistentVariable.vbs in the ase folder from the download package. Select Global as Scope. It is recommended to enter Persistent Variables into the Description field, but not necessary.




Step 5

To check if the GSE action is available within call routing scripts open the Call Routing Manager of any user and click the button Sequence of Actions. Scroll the list on the left side down until you reach PersistentVariable (System). The (System) behind the GSE action name shows that this is a global action being available for every SwyxWare user.




The PersistenVariable GSE action is now installed completely and persistens variables can now be fully used within GSE call routing scripts.




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