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  • 2.1 - Setup Database

    2.1 - Setup Database



    It is recommended to use the MS SQL Server being already installed on the SwyxWare machine and being used by the SwyxWare.


    If you want to use another MS SQL Server on another machine please refer to 6.3 - Use SQL Server on different machine. If you want to use another database server like MySQL or Oracle please refer to 6.5 - Use different database.


    The default name of the database to be created is IpPbxExtensions. If you want to use another database name please refer to 6.4 - Use database with different name.


    The following setup instruction assumes you install Persistent Variables into the MS SQL Server being installed on the SwyxWare machine and use the default database name. This is later on the most easiest way to use Persistent Variables.


    Step 1

    It is prohibited to use SwyxWare's IpPbx database for own needs. Therefore all extensions of the Call Routing Extensions project use a separated database called IpPbxExtensions.

    To create this database you should use the SQL Server Management Studio. Follow this link to download the version matching to your MS SQL Server version.


    Step 2

    Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the local database server.


    Step 3

    Right click Databases in the tree view and select New Database...


    Step 4

    Enter the name IpPbxExtensions into the top field of the dialog on click on OK.





    Step 5

    Open the Security branch in the tree view, right click on Logins and select New Login...


    Step 6

    Enter or select the name of the user account the SwyxWare services (i.e. the SwyxServer) is running under. By default this is the local SwyxServiceAccount. You can also set the "Default Database" to "IpPbxExtensions".





    Step 7

    Select User Mapping from the left list, check the IpPbxExtensions database from the upper list on the right side and configure (check) db_datareader and db_datawriter from the lower list on the right side. You should not use db_owner as this would give the call routing way too many access privileges on the database..




    Step 8

    Click on OK.


    You have now successfully created the IpPbxExtensions database being used by the PersistentVariable GSE action. By creating a login for the SwyxServiceAccount you have granted access for all call routing scripts to this database.



    Tom Wellige


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