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  • A.1 - Night Switch - Night Switch Manager

    A.1 - Night Switch - Night Switch Manager



    The Night Switch Manager script is used to enable or disable the night switch.


    How to install it

    • Make sure you have the Persistent Variables extension properly installed
    • Create or use a dummy/test user
    • Open it's Call Routing Manager
    • Create a new rule using the GSE
    • Import the file NightSwitchManager.rse from the download package
    • You might want to record your own announcement for the Get DTMF Char block explaining the usage of the menu (press 0 to switch the night switch off, press 1  to switch it on).
    • Save the rule and exit the GSE


    How to use it


    There are two ways to use the Night Switch Manager:

    1. Simply call the dummy user. You will hear the current status of the night switch (0 for off and 1 for on). Afterwards you are in the DTMF menu to enable or disable the night switch. If you have recorded your own announcement you will hear it now. Press 0 to disable the night switch, press 1 to enable it. Afterwards the new status of the night switch will be announced.
    2. You can skip the DTMF menu by passing the desired new status of the night switch (0 for off and 1 for on) as post dialing digit when calling the dummy user. By doing so the night switch will be set accordingly and you will only listen to the new status.

      This enables you to configure two speed dial keys in your SwyxIt! or on your SwyxPhone (assuming your dummy user has the internal number 300):

      - Label: Night Switch ON
        Number: 3001
      - Label: Night Switch OFF
        Number: 3000



    How it works





    1. Initialize the NightSwitch persistent variable.


    2. Store post dialing digits into own variable.


    3. Do we have any post dialing digits ?


    4. DTMF menu. If we have any post dialing digits witin our own variable they will be taken as DTMF input. The block also returns the pressed DTMF key or the post dialing digit in another variable.


    5. Store the selected new status of the night switch into the persistent variable.




    To make use of the Night Switch in any call routing script see here: A.2 - Night Switch enabled call routing script


    Hint: the Persistent Variables can be used with ANY SwyxWare version. The inlcuded examples and the GSE Action itself however might be stored with the most recent SwyxWare version of the time the Persistent Variable version was released. This means that you might need to use the latest SwyxWare version to be able to open the included GSE Rules (.rse files) and the GSE Action (.ase file) within your GSE.



    Tom Wellige


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