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  • 4.7 - GroupID

    4.7 - GroupID

    VBScript   1.4.0


    The usual way of working with persistent variables is most likely from within a call routing script. From v1.1.0 the persistent variables can also be used outside of a call routing script, i.e. in a standard windows scripting file (.wsf) or an asp web page.


    In these cases the persistent variables switch their default Scope from User/Group to Global to reflect the fact, that they don't have access to a SwyxWare user id or group id, and therefore can't use the User or Group Scope automatically.


    If for what reason ever you need to access a persistent variable in the group scope of a certain group from outside a call routing script, you need to specify the SwyxWare group id belonging to that group and switch the scope to Group:


    <job id="set_variable_in_user_scope">      
    <script language="VBScript" src="PersistentVariables.vbs"/>
    <script language="VBScript">
    Dim Announcement
    Set Announcement    = new PersistentVariable
    Announcement.Name   = "Welcome"
    Announcement.Scope  = SCOPE_GROUP
    Announcement.UserID = 3
    Announcement.Value  = "Beep.wav"
    Set Announcement    = Nothing


    If you save the above code into a text file and name it SetAnnouncement.wsf you can call it directly from the command prompt: (the PeristentVariables.vbs file needs to be in the same folder!)



    C:\PersistentVariables> SetAccouncement


    The above example demonstrates the usage of persistent variables in a standard windows scripting host file (.wsf). 


    There are many way to figure the group id of a SwyxWare group:


    Please find a complete explanation of the usage of persistent variables outside of call routing scripts here:



    Tom Wellige


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