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  • 6.3 - Use SQL Server on different machine

    6.3 - Use SQL Server on different machine



    When setting up the Persistent Variables extension you are free to setup the IpPbxExtensions database into an SQL server on another machine than the one SwyxWare is installed on.


    The Persistent Variables extension is able to connect to the local SQL Server automatically.


    If you create the database into an SQL Server on another machine you need to tell the Persistent Variables extension where to look for the database.


    This is done in the properties of the Run GSE Action block that loads the PersistentVariables GSE action.


    Please note: it is highly recommended to use the suggested defaults for the database (local MS SQL Server, IpPbxExtensions database)!










    In order to create the database for the Persistent Variable extension into another SQL Server you have to configure the SwyxWare services to run under a domain user instead of the default local user. By doing this you will be able to grant access for this domain user also to the IpPbxExtensions on the other machine.


    Alternatively you can also use the 6.5 - Use different database configuration.



    Tom Wellige


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