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  • 4.9 - CallerNumber

    4.9 - CallerNumber

    VBScript   1.4.0


    With this property you can set the number which is written into the CreatedByNumber and ModifiedByNumber properties when a variable is created the first time or modified.


    Usuallaly you don't need to set this property manually as the persistent variable will use the number of the current caller automatically. If however you need to overwrite that number or use the persistent variable outside of a call routing script you can used this property to do so,


    You must set this property before setting the value property in order to apply the new number.


    Dim Announcement
    Set Announcement          = new PersistentVariable
    Announcement.Name         = "Welcome"
    Announcement.CallerName   = "Erika Mustermann"
    Announcement.CallerNumber = "+4930123457890"
    Announcement.Value        = "Beep.wav"


    The maximum length of the number you can set is 80 characters. Any additional characters will be truncated.


    With the CallerName property you can also modifiy the number which is written into the CreatedByName and ModifiedByName properties when a variable is created the first time or modified.



    Tom Wellige


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