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  • 3.5 - Simple Script - Retrieve Variable

    3.5 - Simple Script - Retrieve Variable



    Within the download package of this project you will find an rse folder. This folder includes the file Retrieve.rse. This is a small example script to demonstrate the usage of persistent variables. It shows how to retrieve a persistently stored value from the scope of the current user.









    The script reads a persistent variable called Welcome and uses a Play Announcement block to announce the current value (which should be the name of a wav file). As nothing else was configured the value is taken from the user scope (default Scope).


    If you have called the previous example before the content will be Default Welcome.wav. Otherwise the configured default value Beep.wav will be returned.


    To install this script generate a new GSE rule, via the menu File | Import... select the file Retrieve.rse, save the rule, close the GSE and make sure the rule is activated to give it a try.


    Hint: the Persistent Variables can be used with ANY SwyxWare version. The inlcuded examples and the GSE Action itself however might be stored with the most recent SwyxWare version of the time the Persistent Variable version was released. This means that you might need to use the latest SwyxWare version to be able to open the included GSE Rules (.rse files) and the GSE Action (.ase file) within your GSE.



    Tom Wellige


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