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  • LogCallIntoTextFile


    VBScript   → Lua


    This function logs some details into a given log (text) file.

    Please see the Introduction chapter for some usage instructions.


    ' FileOpen iomode Values
    Const fsoForReading           = 1     ' Open a file for reading only.
    Const fsoForWriting           = 2     ' Open a file for writing only.
    Const fsoForAppending         = 8     ' Open a file and write to the end of the file.
    Const fsoDontCreateIfNotExist = False
    Const fsoCreateIfNotExist     = True
    Const fsoTristateUseDefault   = -2    ' Opens the file by using the system default.
    Const fsoTristateTrue         = -1    ' Opens the file as Unicode.
    Const fsoTristateFalse        = 0     ' Opens the file as ASCII.
    Const LogFormat = """%NUMBER%"",""%NAME%"",""%TIMESTAMP%"""
    ' Function LogCallIntoTextFile
    ' Logs details of the current call into a text file.
    ' Line format: "Number","Name","Timestamp"
    ' Parameter:
    '   sFileName   name of logfile (incl. path)
    ' Return:
    '   boolean     true - log created, false - error creating log
    Function LogCallIntoTextFile ( sFileName )
        PBXScript.OutputTrace "-----------> LogCallIntoTextFile ( " & sFileName & ")"
        On Error Resume Next 
        Dim bReturn
        bReturn = False
        Dim fso, file, sLine
        ' create FileSystemObejct
        Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        ' open text file
        Set file = fso.OpenTextFile(sFileName, fsoForAppending, fsoCreateIfNotExist, fsoTristateFalse)
        if Err <> 0 then
            PBXScript.OutputTrace "Error opening log file!"
            PBXScript.OutputTrace Err & ": " & Err.Description
            ' create log line
            sLine = LogFormat
            sLine = Replace(sLine, "%NUMBER%",    PBXCall.CallingPartyNumber)
            sLine = Replace(sLine, "%NAME%",      PBXCall.CallingPartyName)
            sLine = Replace(sLine, "%TIMESTAMP%", Now)
            PBXScript.OutputTrace "sLine = " & sLine
            ' write (append) log data to file
            Set file = Nothing
            bReturn = True
        end if
        Set fso  = Nothing
        LogCallIntoTextFile = bReturn
        PBXScript.OutputTrace "bReturn = " & bReturn
        PBXScript.OutputTrace "<----------- LogCallIntoTextFile"
    End Function


    This function makes use of the Server Script API functions PBXCall.CallingPartyNumber and PBXCall.CallingPartyName for the call details and PBXScript.OutputTrace to write trace information into the SwyxServer trace file.



    Tom Wellige


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