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  • LaunchHTTPRequestEx


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    This function calls (launches) a given URL (http request) and returns True if the request returns without error.

    Please see the Introduction chapter for some usage instructions.


    ' LaunchHTTPRequestEx
    ' Launches given URL by using the Swyx Server build-in PBXScript.WebRequest
    ' Parameter:
    '   sURL        complete url
    ' return value:
    '   boolean     True  - request returned 200
    '               False - request returned anything else
    Function LaunchHTTPRequestEx(sURL)
        PBXScript.OutputTrace "------> LaunchHTTPRequestEx ( sURL = '" & sURL & "' )"
        On Error Resume Next
        Dim bReturn
        bReturn = False
        Dim oWebRequest, respCode
        Set oWebRequest = PBXScript.WebRequest
        oWebRequest.HttpVerb = HttpVerbGet
        oWebRequest.URL      = sURL
        oWebRequest.AddHeader "Content-Type:application/text"
        Dim vBefore, vAfter, nDuration
        vBefore = Now
        respCode = oWebRequest.Execute
        vAfter = Now
        nDuration = DateDiff("s", vBefore, vAfter)
        PBXScript.OutputTrace "HTTP Request returned after " & nDuration & " seconds"
        PBXScript.OutputTrace "Response Code = " & respCode
        'PBXScript.OutputTrace "Response Body = " & oWebRequest.ResponseBody
        bReturn = (respCode = 200)
        LaunchHTTPRequestEx = bReturn
        PBXScript.OutputTrace "bReturn = " & bReturn
        PBXScript.OutputTrace "<------ LaunchHTTPRequestEx"
    End Function


    This function makes use of the Server Script API object PBXScript.WebRequest to perform the web reaquest and the function PBXScript.OutputTrace to write trace information into the SwyxServer trace file.


    The PBXScript.WebRequest object was introducued with SwyxWare 12.40.


    Another version of this function which makes use of the Windows "Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP" object to perform the web request can be found in the LaunchHTTPRequest function.



    Tom Wellige


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