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  • StringSplitToTable()


    Lua   SwxWare v13.10


    This helper function splits parts of a given string, separated by a given separator, into a table.


    local tParts = StringSplitToTable(sInput, sSeperator)



    This function returns a table of string values.





    local tParts = StringSplitToTable("111;222;333;444", ";")
    for i = 1, #tParts do
        PBXScript.OutputTrace("tParts[" .. tostring(i) .. "] = " .. tParts[i])
    --> tParts[1] = 111
    --> tParts[2] = 222
    --> tParts[3] = 333
    --> tParts[4] = 444



    Please note: if you are still using a "Lua Beta Testing" version of SwyxWare (i.e. v13.1x), you need to copy&paste the following function into the Start block of your GSE script as it wasn't a build-in helper function yet.


    -- split parts of string, separated by a given separator, into a table
    function StringSplitToTable ( sInput, sSeperator )
        local t={}
        if (sSeperator == nil) then
            sSeperator = "%s"
        if (type(sInput) == "string") then
            if (type(sSeperator) == "string") then
                for sStr in string.gmatch(sInput, "([^".. sSeperator .."]+)") do
                    table.insert(t, sStr)
        return t



    Tom Wellige


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