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  • OneWayConferenceSuffix()


    VBScript   → Lua


    This function returns the suffix to dial when connecting the call to a conference to switch the "one way" conference mode on for this call.


    Dim sSuffix
    sSuffix = OneWayConferenceSuffix()


    or if being used directly within a GSE property dialog, e.g. in a Connect To block to connect the call to a conference room in "one way" mode:





    This function returns a string value.


    The suffix is fixed to the value #owc#, refer to Feature Codes.


    A "one way" conference is a conference where the caller is able to listen only. His own voice will automatically be muted.


    Instead of using this suffix when connecting the call into a conference, you can also enable the one way mode by using the IpPbx.OneWayConference property before using the Connect To block to connect the call into the conference room.



    Tom Wellige


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