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  • CallID()


    VBScript   → Lua


    This function returns the unique call id of the current call.


    Dim nCallID
    nCallID = CallID()



    This function returns an integer value.


    This function is identical to the Server Script API function PBXCall.CallId.


    Every call within SwyxWare (regardless if internal or external) will be tagged with a unique id by the SwyxServer. This id will also be written into the Call Detail Records (CDR).


    If a call will be transferred to another user it will automatically get a new CallID assigned. The CDRs will record all these different IDs. For detailed information take a look into the Enreach Knowledgebase article



    The CallID can also be requested once the call is connected to a user (SwyxIt!) from the Client SDK.


    Do not mistake this CallID by the unique call id you find within the SwyxWare traces files per call. The call id column in the traces files takes a number that will be reset by every restart of the service, while the CallID of course is persistent.


    Hints on reading SwyxWare traces files (especially in terms of call routing) can be found here:



    Tom Wellige


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