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Function: LaunchHTTPRequest

Tom Wellige

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This post is taken from the Swyx Forum Archive (2007-2014) and was originally posted 27.04.2010 by me



EDIT 02.2021: beside the following function you might also want to take a look on the

-> PBXScript.WebRequest

which was added with SwyxWare 12.40


This function calls (launches) a given URL (http request) and returns True if the request returns without error.



Please find the LaunchHTTPRequest function in the Function Collection (VBScript) and Function Collection (Lua) area of the Programming References section of the SwyxPEDIA here on Swyx Forum. 



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Hello Tom,


do i have to install anything on my Windows server to use this script?

do i have to install this for it to work (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/290761/frequently-asked-questions-about-serverxmlhttp)?


because this script wont work on my windows 12 server.


Best regards Jakob H

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Hey Tom,


i found the error:

On 9/3/2019 at 9:51 PM, Tom Wellige said:

( sURL = '" sURL & "' )"

i had to change this to:

( sURL = "+ sURL & +" )"

Then i used your code to make an HTTP request to my own C# API to get the number from the on-call duty person with "HTTP_REQ.responseText".


Thank you for your awesome work in this forum!


With best regards Jakob H

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14 minutes ago, Daniel A said:

Hi there, I would like to call a URL for incoming calls, which should then save the number in a variable. I used your script for this. The number also arrives, but with +49 I would like 0049 instead of +49 is that possible?


What Client SDK API or SwyxIt! Variable are you using the get the caller number?


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the function IpPbx.CallingNumber calls PBXCall.CallingPartyNumber which actually should return the caller number not in canonical (+49) but in the wanted format (0049).


The only reason I can think of at the moment, that you are getting the number in canonical format, is that you have the caller in the global/private phone book which sets the number internally then in canonical format.


Do you have the caller in your global/private phone book?


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1 hour ago, Tom Wellige said:



Die Funktion  IpPbx.CallingNumber ruft PBXCall.CallingPartyNumber auf, die die  Anrufernummer eigentlich nicht kanonisch (+49), sondern im gewünschten Format (0049) zurückgeben soll.


Der einzige Grund, an den ich im Moment denken kann, dass Sie die Nummer im kanonischen Format erhalten, ist, dass Sie den Anrufer im globalen / privaten Telefonbuch haben, das die Nummer intern und dann im kanonischen Format festlegt.


Haben Sie den Anrufer in Ihrem globalen / privaten Telefonbuch?


hello, I've tried it again. It always comes with +49 instead of 0049. No is not in the phone book. Is there no way to replace the variable beforehand? Sincerely, Daniel
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I little bit of VBScript code should do the trick:


Dim sCaller
sCaller = IpPbx.CallingNumber

If Left(sCaller, 1) = "+" Then
	sCaller = "00" & Right(sCaller, Len(sCaller)-1)
End If


Dim sCaller
sCaller = Replace(IpPbx.CallingNumber, "+", "00")


Afterwards you use "sCaller" in your URL instead of "IpPbx.CallingNumber".


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