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New download: Persistent Variables

Tom Wellige

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Persistent Variables

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development_32px.png  Please refer to the Project Page for all details regarding the Persistent Variables.


discuss_32px.png  Please refer to the Forums to discuss the Persistent Variables or for support reuqests.

book.png  Please refer for documentation (setup, usage, etc.) for this extension to the Project Page.

book.png Find the license information on the Project Page.


users.png If you want to get involved into this project please refer to this topic.



As with all other Swyx Forum Open Source Projects, Support is EXCLUSIVELY provided in the Project Froum (see link above).




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What's New in Version v1.1.0:


This version comes with the following changes:

  • Persistent Variables can be used now also outside of call routing scripts
  • Examples for external usage have been added:
    ASP (Active Server Page) web page
    WSF (Windows Scripting Host File) file, i.e. VBScript file
  • Added UserID as new property (needed for usage scenarios outside of call routing scripts)
  • The NightSwitch example which was available as single download is now also part of this download





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What's New in Version v1.2.0:


This version comes with the following changes:


  • It fixes a bug in the detection of what SQL server variant is installed (full or express) which caused after some windows updates an up to 20 seconds delay when accessing the content of a persistent variable.
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What's New in Version v1.2.1:


This version fixes 2 problems:

  • A theoretical security vulnerability in the parameters of the GSE action.
  • Runtime error when using a self defined database connection string in the parameters of the GSE action.


Setup instructions on how to install this update can be found here:


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