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    3 - Usage



    You can now use the Longest Waiting action directly within a call routing script, as a replacement for the Connect To block. The Longest Waiting action has a similar parameter and return value set so it's in fact nothing more than replacing a Connect To block by the Run GSE Action block to call the Longest Waiting action.


    1. Create a new GSE rule and import the rse file (SimpleLongestWaiting.rse) from the "rse" subfolder of the download package (File - Import...).


    2. Double click the Longest Waiting / Run GSE Action block and switch to the Parameters page


      You can now configure the parameters according your needs.

      Connect string to the database holding the IpPBXCDR and LongestWaiting table

      Number of the SwyxWare usergroup containing all agents who are to handle incoming calls.

      Timeout in seconds to connect a call to a certain agent (like in Connect To)

      Connect  Alert Sound
      Caller will listen to this while call is connected to an agent. Leave it blank (i.e. = "") to use the system a l e r t sound.

      0 - If an agent is either internaly or externaly busy he won't get calls deliverted.
      1 - If an agent is internaly busy he will get calls delivert, if he is externaly busy he won't.

      The Longest Waiting action has the following exits (need to be enabled on the "Links" tab in the Properties windows):

      0 - Connected
      1 - Not Reachable
      3 - Disconnected
      9 - Failure

      For Longest Waiting the "Not Reachable" exit means, that for what reason ever the action wasn't able to connect the call to any of the users of the group. This could be because none of them is logged in or all of them are busy, or each connect to attempt to each of the group members ran into a timeout.

      So in fact, the "Not Reachable" exit is used for all of the possible states (timeout, busy, not delivered), but it's not possible to differ these states afterwards as the action tries to deliver the call to every user of the group, and "Not Reachable" is just the final conclusion over all users, not just one.



    Tom Wellige


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