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    1. 2.1 - Setup GSE Action

      VBScript   The Longest Waiting extension is designed as GSE actions. To install these GSE actions you need to use the SwyxWare Administration.   Step 1 Open the SwyxWare Administration and open the properties of your Swyx Server.     Step 2 Switch to the Files page and click on Edit....       Step 3 Click on Add...       Step 4 1. Select all files from the ase folder from the download packag
    2. 2.2 - Setup Call Detail Records

      VBScript   As the SwyxServer does not provide the needed information about “Latest Disconnect Time” of a user directly, the Call Detail Records (CDRs) are used to get this information. So the CDRs must be written into a database. Details on setting up CDRs written into a database can be taken from the Enreach Help Center:   Write Call Details Records into a database The needed SQL script (IpPbxCDR.sql) to setup the IpPbxCDR table should be taken from the above linke
    3. 2.3 - Setup Table and Trigger

      VBScript   Once the CDRs are written into the database an additional table and a so called trigger must be configured. To do so, use the SQL script   LongestWaiting_1.0.0.sql   from the SQL folder of the installation package. After having executed this script the created trigger will automatically take newly written CDRs from the SwyxServer, extract the user and disconnect time from it and stores these information within the LongestWaiting table. Some more documenta
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