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Creating a blank SpeedDial with Powershell


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I am using a PS-script to create speedDial keys for all users. 
After all users of a certain group have been added to the SpeedDials in alphabetical order, there are still a handful of fixed external numbers that are added to everyone at the end. These should be separated by an empty SpeedDial button. In SwyxIt, I can edit a name button and simply insert a blank space so that it does not say “Namenstaste XX”. However, when I insert

@{“DialNumber” = “”; “Label” = " "}

in the ps-script, the space is not taken over. Variants with Unicode or HTML do not work at this point either. Does anyone have a tip for me on how I can pass an empty label name here?

My used code:

$FixedSpeedDials = @(
		@{"DialNumber" = ""; "Label" = " "},


foreach ($FixedSpeedDial in $FixedSpeedDials) {
			$update = Get-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -UserName $UserName -SpeedDialKeyId $counter
			$update.DialNumber = $FixedSpeedDial.DialNumber
			$update.Label = $FixedSpeedDial.Label
			update-IpPbxSpeedDialKey -UserName $UserName -SpeedDialKey $update


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This is not a powershell or character code problem, but a SwyxIt! "feature". 


Empty speeddial labels (empty, or with blank characeter) will trigger SwyxIt! to display "Speedial XX". I always navigate around that by setting a "." as label. Not the nicest solution, but it works.


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Thank you Tom,
I almost expected it. But I still had a little hope, since a manually entered space is accepted and generates a blank SpeedDial key field.

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Probably does not help in this case, but for SwyxIt! you can disable the default labeling, so that a unconfigured speed dial is blank:



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