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  • IsRedirectedFromByNumber()


    Lua   → VBScript


    This function returns true if the call was redirected/transferred by a certain user (extension) or list of extensions, separated by ; (semikolon).

    Please see the Introduction chapter for some usage instructions.


    -- IsRedirectedFromByNumber
    -- Returns true if the current call is redirected by any of the numbers
    -- given in the semicolon separated list. It also returns the number that
    -- redirected the call.
    -- Parameter:
    --   sNumbers    semicolon separated list of all numbers
    -- Return:
    --   boolean,
    --      true  - call redirected from given number
    --      false - call not redirected from given number
    --   string
    --      empty if call wasn't redirected by anyone from the list, 
    --      otherwise the extension that redirected the call.
    function IsRedirectedFromByNumber( sNumbers )
        PBXScript.OutputTrace ("------> IsRedirectedFromByNumber ( '" .. sNumbers .. "' )")
        local bReturn = false
        local sReturn = ""
        local sName   = ""
        local tNumbers = StringSplitToTable(sNumbers, ";")
        for i = 1, #tNumbers do
            PBXScript.OutputTrace ("Checking extension: " .. tNumbers[i])
            sName = GetUserNameFromExtension(tNumbers[i])
            PBXScript.OutputTrace ("Found username: " .. sName)
            if (sName ~= "") then
                if IsRedirectedFromByName(sName) then
                    PBXScript.OutputTrace ("Call is redirected from this user")
                    bReturn = true
                    sReturn = tNumbers[i]
                    PBXScript.OutputTrace ("Call is not redirected from this user")
        PBXScript.OutputTrace ("bReturn = " .. tostring(bReturn))
        PBXScript.OutputTrace ("sReturn = " .. sReturn)
        PBXScript.OutputTrace ("<------ IsRedirectedFromByNumber")
        return bReturn, sNumber


    Please note: if you are still using a "Lua Beta Testing" version of SwyxWare (i.e. v13.1x), you need to copy&paste the following function also into the Start block of your GSE script.


    -- split parts of string, separated by a given separator, into a table
    function StringSplitToTable ( sInput, sSeperator )
        local t={}
        if (sSeperator == nil) then
            sSeperator = "%s"
        if (type(sInput) == "string") then
            if (type(sSeperator) == "string") then
                for sStr in string.gmatch(sInput, "([^".. sSeperator .."]+)") do
                    table.insert(t, sStr)
        return t



    This function makes use of the function GetUserNameFromExtension() to get the username for a given extension, and also the function IsRedirectedFromByName() to then check if the call is redirected/transferred from that user. It makes also use of the Server Script API function PBXScript.OutputTrace() to write trace information into the SwyxServer trace file. It also uses the GSE build-in helper function StringSplitToTable() to find the caller number in the data from the file.


    This function was converted from VBScript into Lua from the initially posted version in this forum topic.


    Tom Wellige


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