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Fridays' Swyx Tip #5: Real-Time Data From Web

Tom Wellige



From 2009 to 2011 mirjam baumberger wrote a great blog, the "Fridays' Swyx Tip". Every Friday she posted a tip regarding the usage of SwyxWare and connected tools and devices. As the old forum is offline, this article series will be restored here again over the time. Please note that some information in this article series might not be valid anymore with current SwyxWare versions.


This blog article was originally posted on 08.01.2009 10:07


Dear Swyx Users


Did you know that Swyx can access data directly from a web page?


In the following downloadable example, the finance website from Yahoo is checked and the latest exchange rate on New Zealand Dollar-Euro is retrieved. Then the information is played back to the caller.





  1. Inbound call
  2. Script retrieves exchange rate from www
  3. Script plays result back to caller




How can Swyx do this? By using the graphical script editor and a VB script statement, Swyx can access information from the website.


'' VB script statement ''
Function dollar()
	Dim http_req, pos
	Set http_req = CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.3.0")
	http_req.open "GET", "http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=NZDEUR=X&d=0b", False
	pos = instr(http_req.responseText,"Last Trade")
	dollar = mid(http_req.responseText, pos+52,6)
End Function


The original version of this script can be found on the Swyx Knowledge base article Custom VBScript Code - Access Web Page Within A Script (KB2650).


This is just a small example on how to retrieve real-time data from a online source. If you have further question please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Happy swyxing...




@ IT Net World Ltd, NZ & AUS SWYX Distributor




Don't miss to take a look onto the ECR Useful Link Collection for more such examples.




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