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Fridays' Swyx Tip #4: Project Codes

Tom Wellige



From 2009 to 2011 mirjam baumberger wrote a great blog, the "Fridays' Swyx Tip". Every Friday she posted a tip regarding the usage of SwyxWare and connected tools and devices. As the old forum is offline, this article series will be restored here again over the time. Please note that some information in this article series might not be valid anymore with current SwyxWare versions or downloads might not be available anymore.


This blog article was originally posted on 08.01.2009 09:17


Dear Swyx Users


Did you know that you can ad individual project codes the every single phone call?


This data can then be evaluated later for time and billing purposes. For example, you can easily find out how many calls, minutes etc. were spend on which project.


To associate a call to a project, you must enter the assigned project code before making the call. This is how you assign a call to a project:




  1. Enter '*' and then the project code, in this example 1000234.
  2. End the entry of the project code with '#'.
  3. Then dial the destination number as usual.
  4. The project code will now be recorded in the Call Detail Record (CDR) by SwyxWare.


You can also use project codes when dialing from Outlook:


This is how you assign a call to a project when dialing from Outlook :before click the dial button you enter the project code in the according field.


  1. Open the Outlook "Contacts" folder.
  2. Select the contact and click on the SwyxIt! symbol.

  3. The following window appears: "SwyxIt! Phone Dialer".

  4. Enter a project code or select a project code from the drop-down list.
  5. Then click on "Dial" behind the number you would like to use
  6. The number entered, preceded by the project code, will be dialed.


Afterwards you can build your statistics accordingly:




Any questions?


Have a good weekend and happy Swyxing...




@ IT Net World Ltd, NZ & AUS SWYX Distributor





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