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Weekly changing client

Arkadius Pabian

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we habe a emergency service number where every week the user changes that has to take calls.

Currently we are doing this manualy by login and logout of the mobile app.

We want to change it, that every user gets an own emergency account in the swyxware and the server

changes the member that gets routed to every week.


I am not very fond with scripting vbs or lua. But i think i can bild something with a littlebit googleing, but need some advice how i

could get this done in GSE, so i can add users in this script if we get new technicans.

Right now we have 3 users, so in the end right now every 3 weeks the same person has to be at the emergency service number available.

If i get a 4th user, i should be able to add him in this list of users and then every 4 weeks the same person has to be at service.


For any kind of help i would be very thankfull.


Best Regards

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I was on vacation and am only now able to answer your question. 


Beside having the list of numbers to connect emergency calls to in somewhere in the code, e.g. in a VBScript array, I would use two Persistent Variables to hold the current phone number and the week number for that phone number


So when a calls comes in, you first check if the current week number is equal to the one stored in the persistent variable. You can get the current number of the week with DatePart:


Dim nWeek
nWeek = DatePArt("ww", Now)


If they are equal you just connect the call to the number stored in the other persistent variable.


If they are not equal, you take the next number from the list, store it into the persistent variable, store the current week number as well in the persistent variable and connect the call to the new phone number.



Is that enough to get you going?


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