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Do Not Connect To Group If At Least One User Is Busy

Tom Wellige

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Today's first question of the Presales department:


Is it possible to check if one user in a goup is busy and if so not to connect the call to the group but instead disconnect the call with busy?


Of course!


Copy the following code into the Start block:


Function IsAtLeastOneAgentBusy(ByVal sNumber)

    PBXScript.OutputTrace("-------> IsAtLeastOneAgentBusy ( sNumber = " & sNumber & " )")

    Dim bReturn
    bReturn = False

    Dim PBXConfig
    Set PBXConfig = PBXScript.CreateObject("IpPbxSrv.PBXConfig")

    Dim Users
    Set Users = PBXConfig.GetUserByAddress(sNumber)

    Dim User
    For Each User In Users

        PBXScript.OutputTrace("Found user " & User.Name & " with current state " & User.State)

        ' does the server recognize this user a busy ?
        If (User.State = 3) or (User.State = 5) Then
            PBXScript.OutputTrace("User is busy!")
            bReturn = True
        End If


    IsAtLeastOneAgentBusy = bReturn

    PBXScript.OutputTrace("bReturn = " & bReturn)
    PBXScript.OutputTrace("<------- IsAtLeastOneAgentBusy")

End Function

Afterwards use an Evaluate block to call the function. Let's assume the group number is 200:


The result is then directly on one of the two exits of this block. 


Then just either use a Connect To block to connect the call to the group or a Disconnect block (with "busy" configured as reason) to disconnect it.



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