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Locked EN (Blog): How to work in the home office

Tom Wellige

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Tips for you to stay productive and in touch with colleagues

Working at home not only allows employees to work flexibly, avoid long journeys or better balance family and career, but can also help companies to ensure seamless business continuity in the event of a crisis.

If unforeseeable situations such as the current spread of the corona virus, extreme weather conditions or damage to the office building disrupt the daily (working) life, employees can remain productive at home. In order to achieve this, the following points should be observed:

Staying in contact

Contact with customers, colleagues and partners is indispensable for productive work in many areas. With a unified communications solution such as Swyx’s software, employees are integrated into a company's communications environment regardless of their location. They can make phone calls with a wide range of devices, using only their familiar office number, chat with colleagues and see from their presence status whether the person they want to talk to is available.

Hold meetings online

Collaboration tools such as Swyx Meeting allow you to work with internal or external partners very easily via web or video conference, share your screen or exchange files. This makes coordination much easier and is also more personal. No special equipment is required: users can join an online meeting directly from the web browser of their PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone without having to install additional software or apps. Participants who do not have access to the Internet can also dial in by phone.

Clear communication

Clear agreements on rights, duties and working hours in the home office ensure that both employees and superiors are satisfied with working from home. Companies that want to be well prepared can develop a policy that clearly defines when which employees can work in the home office and describes the different situations in which work should be done at home.

Sudden need for remote work?

If companies need to enable employees to work from home at short notice, working from home can be done without much preparation or regulation. For companies already using a Swyx solution, our Help Center provides technical advice on how to best integrate their home office staff in communication and collaboration.

For companies that are not yet using a suitable UC solution, our website provides a list of certified Swyx partners who can give advice.

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